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Traveller & Trespasser Evictions

Travellers and other unauthorised occupants of your land or commercial buildings can cause you a lot of stress and frustration. As the land or commercial property owner, you have rights to evict the travellers under common-law.

Using common-law is usually successful and results in the eviction of the travellers.

If there are lots of travellers or you believe there could be a 'breach of the peace', then we can ask the police to attend, but they have no real powers or right to assist with the eviction of the travellers.

South East Enforcement's traveller eviction service is fast and effective so if you're having trouble with travellers and would like them evicted from your land or commercial premises, then contact us today.

Same-day Evictions!

If instructed before 12noon, we can often assist you with your traveller eviction the very same day.

Effective Process

Our traveller eviction processes have been proven to be very effective in removing the trespassers without too much hassle.

Experienced Bailiffs

Our traveller eviction enforcement team are very experienced at removing travellers and trespassers so you're in good hands!

Professional Traveller Eviction Bailiffs

With years of experience removing and evicting travellers from open land, our private traveller eviction bailiffs follow the professional legal processes to ensure successful eviction of your travellers.

Does your service include unauthorised encampment?

Yes, our traveller eviction enforcement team will assist in the removal of caravans, trailers or vehicles or any other moveable accommodation that has moved onto your land or into your commercial property. 

Do I have to obtain a Court Order for the eviction?

No, you do not need a Court Order to remove travellers from your land as our enforcement team can use the common-law route, which is an alternative course of action to obtaining a Court Order, however, it is not guaranteed. If we are unable to evict them using Common-Law, we can assist with the enforcement of a Possession Order once you've obtained it from the Court.

How does common-law enforcement work?

Under Common-Law, our enforcement team will serve notices on the travellers requesting them to leave within a short space of time (usually giving them 24hrs).  If the travellers remain after the given notice, our bailiffs will attend and oversee their removal, with the police presence if needed.

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