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Evicting Squatters

Our enforcement team are High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEAs) which enables us to enforce County Court Orders of Possession in the High Court to evict squatters living in your premises.

When obtaining a Possession Order against squatters as part of the squatter eviction process, you will need to make your claim against 'persons unknown'. We will attach the Court Order on the main door of the property along with all the particulars of claim and any witnesses statements you have. 

High Court Enforcement

High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEAs) can enforce your Court Order by transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes.

Effective Squatter Evictions

Enforcing Possession Orders in the High Court is proven to be one of the most effective ways to evict squatters.

Expert Team

Our squatter eviction team are highly experienced in squatter evictions of all sizes so you're in good hands!

Professional Squatter Eviction Bailiffs

With years of experience evicting squatters from properties all over the country, including London, our private squatter eviction bailiffs follow the professional legal processes to ensure successful eviction of your squatters.

What needs to be done to evict squatters?

First you need to draft and seal your High Court Writ of Possession, after you have obtained a Possession Order and permission to transfer to the High Court for enforcement purposes.

As soon as you receive the Writ, you can instruct a squatter eviction team which can be dispatched to the enforcement address where they will require any occupants to leave the property.

In most cases the Enforcement Officers will arrange for a locksmith to come to change locks. 

How long does it take to evict squatters?

Using HCEOs can be quicker than using the County Court Bailiffs due to their wait times; usually within 24hr-48hrs of having it sealed at the High Court in London.

How much will is cost to evict my squatters?

There is a £66.00 disbursement payable to HM Courts and Tribunal Service for obtaining the High Court Writ of Possession. Then High Court Enforcement Officer fees for executing the Writ of Possession and carrying out squatter eviction are determined by how long it takes to evict the squatters, as most charge for their time.

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