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Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If your tenant is in breach of their lease and rent cannot be recovered, you can exercise your common-law rights to forfeit the lease and regain possession.

Our commercial eviction specialists will take possession and the secure your property peacful, usually within hours of being instructed.

Hassle Free

Our team can appoint a reputable locksmith to attend repossession with us so you don't have to worry about it. 

Notices Drafted

Our enforcement team will draft the Notices required.

Full Inventory

Our team will produce a full inventory of goods inside and take photo evidence. 

Professional Lease Forfeiture Bailiffs

With years of experience successfully forfeiting commercial leases, our private bailiffs follow the professional legal processes to ensure the forfeiture is enforced properly.

Is a Court Order required to forfeit a commercial lease?

No, you do not need to obtain a Court Order to forfeit a commercial lease, as it's your common-law right as the landlord to take peaceful re-entry.

How quickly can the forfeiture take place?

We can usually forfeit the lease within 24 hours of your instruction.

What is the process to forfeit a commercial lease?

Our enforcement team will attend the commercial premises, alongside a locksmith, to access the property and change the locks. This is usually done outside of trading hours.

Once inside the premises, our bailiff will take a full inventory of the goods inside, along with photos. Then our enforcement officers will post notices confirming the property has been repossessed by the landlord before delivering or sending the keys to the landlord.

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