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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Our certified bailiffs team at South East Enforcement have years of experience in recovering commercial rent arrears from commercial tenants, as we enforce following the processes set out in 'The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013'.

We will act to recover commercial rent arrears for you, as soon as we are instructed by you to ensure your rent is collected as quickly as possible.

Suppose you are a commercial landlord with tenants who have not paid rent or you’re an investor of a residential property with tenants who owe rent arrears. In that case, it is essential to know that enforcement services are available to help. Recovering rent arrears from a commercial tenant can be challenging, but getting legal advice early on can greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome. At South East Enforcement, our experienced and certified enforcement agents will provide you with commercial rent arrears recovery services. We are also aware that the future relationship between landlord and tenant needs to be protected and never jeopardised through unprofessional third party behaviour. We ensure our enforcement services will follow a process and procedure that is simple yet very effective in the delivery of Commercial Arrears Rent Recovery (CRAR). If your commercial tenant has fallen into arrears, our enforcement agents can help you with commercial rent arrears recovery and support you throughout the process.

Fast & Effective

Our team will send out a Notice of Enforcement  as soon as possible.

Professional Service

Our enforcement team pride themselves on delivering a quality, professional enforcement service. 

Experienced Bailiffs

As experts in CRAR, we will aim to recover your money as quickly as possible and pay it to you within 48hrs of the money clearing in our account. 

Professional CRAR Bailiffs

With years of experience enforcing commercial rent arrears recovery, our private bailiffs follow the professional legal processes to ensure successful enforcement.

  1. The lease must be for commercial premises and nothing else.
  2. Only rent (and interest and VAT on the rent) can be recovered and nothing else. 
  3. You must be able to evidence that the commercial lease exists and is still valid. 

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